BCR077: 3Ts and an A–the 4 ethos of online business communication

by Lee Hopkins on March 3, 2011 · 2 comments

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Those who’ve ever been to a presentation of mine know that I put emphasis on the social values of this new business communication landscape.

In this video I explain what I have long believed are the four underpinning ethos of this new landscape, what I call the “3Ts and an A:”

  • Truth;
  • Trust;
  • Transparency; and
  • Accountability
3Ts and an A: Truth, Trust, Transparency and Accountability

Link to ‘3Ts and an A’ video on YouTube


  • http://www.internetmarketingadelaide.com Nick Morris

    Ok so get I get the feeling this mainly applies to large organisations and not really small businesses. These four things are often difficult for large companies as they are used to being deceptive with information where as I think it comes much easier to small businesses which have a more personal face.

    I think there should be another point to address that companies can’t just advertise, they need to enter the conversation and offer something of value rather than just pushing their products.

    Great video anyway.

  • Lee Hopkins

    You’re right, Nick; this is mostly aimed at large organisations, as the smaller organisations usually are more in-touch with the customer and cognisant of the need to intuitively live the 3Ts & A

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