GOC003: On Coos Bay, Twitter and having a beer named after us

by Lee Hopkins on March 24, 2011

in 'the Cafe' podcast

Your communications-lusty commentators are back after a slight (ahem) absence.

In this edition of ‘Grumpy Old Communicators’ at the CommsCafe Allan & Lee talk about Twitter and its 5th birthday, as well as how useful or otherwise it has been for Allan’s B&B business, especially when compared to TripAdvisor.

We also look at the IABC and gastronomic experiences, the Coos Bay case study two years on, and a probably tongue-in-cheek opportunity from the east coast of the USA to visit and have a beer named after us.

You couldn’t find a better way to spend 25 minutes and six seconds, trust us! We even finish off the podcast with a sublime piece of music from the ever-wonderful Karoline Hausted, from her new album ‘Drawings’.

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