Dell Streak. A one-month review

by Lee Hopkins on March 25, 2011 · 1 comment

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Dell streakI’ve had a Dell Streak for a month, but it took me two weeks of ownership to build up the courage to take the simcard out of my beloved-but-slow 3GS iPhone and insert it into the Streak, fearing the Gods of the Telcos would unite and fry my simcard. No such fate befell me.

That has given me two full week’s worth of testing, enough to find some ‘likes’ and some ‘dislikes’.

In no particular order, here’s what I like:

  1. The larger screen size makes for less eye strain for those of us over 40 (gasp that there should be such a demographic);
  2. There are as equally useful and useable apps for the Android market as there are for the iPhone;
  3. The phone slips nicely into the pockets of my jeans and I can sit comfortably in a coffee shop (guess where I am now) without making me look like a man with a replacement hip;
  4. The landscape format works well in my hand (the phone is designed for a landscape rather than portrait interface);
  5. Once you get your finger out of the way it takes good pictures;
  6. Android phones are currently out-selling iPhones;
  7. I can view Flash content!

Now to what irks me:

  1. The ‘gorilla glass’ screen is scratchable – I have several on my screen;
  2. The earbuds that come with the phone are bizarre – the floppy buds don’t stay in my ear (no matter what size bud I try) but instead fall out at the first and slightest opportunity, thus rendering private music listening impossible except by using third-party headsets (my Bose headset doesn’t have a microphone);
  3. I haven’t yet been able to connect to my Dell pc via ‘PC Suite’, which means updating my contacts, music files, etc., impossible;
  4. I haven’t been able to download a copy of ‘PC Suite’ from Dell’s website because the Download Manager delivers a payload with zero files in its queue. To be fair to Dell, I haven’t rung technical support yet, nor the in-house expert that @MartyAtDell put me in touch with in order to resolve this;
  5. The lens for the camera is placed right where one of your fingers naturally sits to hold the phone;
  6. The screen is not as responsive to touch as the iPhone;
  7. The browser is not as fast as the iPhone’s Safari browser, not by a long shot;
  8. It’s not an iPhone – meaning all the cool new apps that come out come out for the iPhone first, THEN the Android market.

Which roughly equals out, then – an almost-equal number of ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’. Now that the Streak is my main phone for at least a month longer as I continue to test it, I am sure I will grow accustomed to its interface.

  • pranav

    very well written review Lee, was confused between samsung and dell,
    really good points considerable while buying while spending quite a few bucks! :)

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