SXSW: The importance of personal branding and letting employees build their own personal brands

by Lee Hopkins on March 29, 2011

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South By SouthWest occurred recently (alas, we don’t have anything like it here in Australia) and Eloqua hosted a SXSW panel called “Media Tomorow: the Message is the Messenger.”

Joe Chernov, Eloqua’s Director of Content Marketing, went into’s offices to discuss the panel.

“We also know our communications department needs to adapt to what’s happening in the media that we speak to on a daily basis.”

In this first video, he talks about the importance of personal branding and how Eloqua incorporates it into their marketing strategy.

The importance of personal branding


In this second video with Joe Chernov, Director of Content Marketing at Eloqua,  Joe explains how a hybrid strategy that marries the corporate and personal brand is often the best plan of attack.

How to let your employees build personal brands


In this final instalment, Joe explains how his company approaches personal branding.

How Eloqua approaches personal branding


Sure, the sound quality of the videos leaves a little to be desired, but the content is fabulous and well worth your time.

“Fewer people trust the press than trust the Federal government.”

Thanks to the lovely Lauren Carlson at for the heads-up.

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