Creating a strategic plan with MindManager

by Lee Hopkins on March 31, 2011 · 2 comments

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strategic planning

Those who know me know how highly I rate the idea and practice of mind mapping.

There’s lots of mind-mapping software around, but my choices are MindMeister for the iPad and MindManager for my pc.

The folks at Mindjet (developers of MindManager) have just blogged a comprehensive ‘how to’ on creating a strategic plan with MindManager, including conducting the necessary SWOT analysis and setting SMART goals.

At the bottom of the blog post you can download some case studies from Allied Telesis and Trotter & Maxfield on how they’ve used MindManager to create a strategic plan.

Whether it’s a whole-of-company strategy or a departmental- or team-level plan, I believe MindManager can help you unblock creative linkages to bring out the best plans. MindManager is one of the first software packages I load up when I get a new pc.

And no, there is no cash or other incentive for me to tell you this. I just think that if you’re not mind-mapping you are missing out on a creative and organisational force.

Just saying’…

  • Petra

    Seems like a good plan for creating strategy. Thanks for link to Mindjet site, i’m going to write about this on my blog

  • Web Hosting India

    Not only mind manager whatever it is strategic plan is very important to everyone.. Then only we can achieve our goal..

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