March 2011

A long discussion on Facebook started by Heidi Miller about the pros and cons of PowerPoint and Keynote introduced me to another presentation tool, Prezi. On the same day, I received an email from Michael Kolowich, founder and CEO of KnowledgeVision. The two tools — Prezi and KnowledgeVision — are not in competition with each […]


Here’s the slidedeck and videos I used in today’s presentation to the LGMA (SA) at the Adelaide Zoo. LGMA(SA) Social Media: the bear facts View more presentations from Lee Hopkins Technorati Tags: lgma, local government, management, social media, business communication, lee hopkins


Our colleagues over at recently ran a social media conference at which Wells Fargo’s Ed Terpening, the bank’s vice president of social media marketing, outlined why and how Wells Fargo ‘plays’ in this space. There are any number of gems in Russell Working’s full article, but here’s a few grabs: If customers are inhabiting […]


Those who’ve ever been to a presentation of mine know that I put emphasis on the social values of this new business communication landscape. In this video I explain what I have long believed are the four underpinning ethos of this new landscape, what I call the “3Ts and an A:” Truth; Trust; Transparency; and […]