Two-day in-house social media training

by Lee Hopkins on May 18, 2011

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Cover of the two-day social media workshop brochure. Click on the image to open up a pdf brochure

I AM now offering two-day in-house workshops on social media, covering both the tactical essentials to get your organisation started and the more in-depth strategic issues.

Harnessing the latest tools to time-effectively manage your online reputation and relationships, you will learn how to make your online communication activities successful.

You will learn from numerous case studies that clearly show you what works and what doesn’t in this new communication landscape.

  • IDENTIFY the four foundational ethos of social media conversations
  • REVIEW your own company’s communication/PR plan
  • DISCOVER the 95 theses that signalled the end of the one-way media message
  • LEARN how to create a strategic communications plan for your social media outreach
  • BUILD your own toolkit to manage your brand’s reputation
  • ATTACK your own company’s pain points when it comes to online communication
  • DECIDE which metrics are the right ones for your organisation
  • UNCOVER the ROI of your online activities
  • CREATE compelling examples for your own career success

You will learn a proven academic theory to help you research your target audiences and find out what makes them ‘tick’ and what their ‘hot buttons’ are. Then you will take that theory and turn it into a real-world, practical tool.

I am internationally recognized as one of the leading thinkers in the area of online business communication and have spoken at many international conferences and events. Delegates will have the benefit of learning from one of the experts who has ‘been there’ from the very beginning — my online consultancy work started in 1994 and has flourished ever since, helping businesses communicate better online for better results.

Download the brochure for the two day Master Course (one-day course brochure coming shortly).

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