Local Government and Social Media: a workshop

by Lee Hopkins on May 30, 2011

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IN CONJUNCTION with the LGMA (Local Government Managers Australia) I’m running a one-day workshop on social media for local governments and councils; the date is 8th July.

Sub-titled ‘Conversing with your communities for fun and profit’, this workshop recognises that social media has become the preferred communication medium of this century.

Everyone from school kids to centenarians log into Facebook, write blog posts, record videos, share photos and use Twitter in order to share their passions, their hopes, their dreams and their disappointments.

The savvy local council will also tap into these networks to harness their connective power. Already councils around the world are using these new networks and tools to enter into conversation with their communities.

Sure, sometimes the conversations get a little heated, but if you don’t attend this one-day workshop you won’t find out how to resolve online conflict. You also won’t find out how to:

DISCOVER which tool is best for which job
MAXIMISE your communication strategy
GENERATE the best conversational outcomes
UNCOVER which metrics are relevant for your council
ANSWER the CEO’s “What’s the ROI?” question

You can find more details and enrol online over at the LGMA’s website.

Hurry – places are limited and it’s a bargain of a price. And no, you don’t have to be a member of a local council to take part – everyone is welcome to come along!

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