June 2011

Today is World Social Media Day

by Lee Hopkins on June 30, 2011 · 1 comment

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IT’S THURDAY 30th June 2011 and around the world tweetups (‘meetups’ for the untwittered) are taking place, events being run and drinks being drunk. It’s a celebration for all that is ‘social media’, in all of its guises and platforms, in all of its fads and fashions, its famous and its failures. Here in sunny […]

HURRY, TIME is running out. The workshop is next Friday, the 8th July. In conjunction with the LGMA (Local Government Managers Australia) I’m running a one-day workshop on social media for local governments and councils. Sub-titled ‘Conversing with your communities for fun and profit’, this workshop recognises that social media has become the preferred communication […]

It’s a road map to understanding the changing dynamics that introducing social media brings to an organisation and what YOU can do about it.

Hootsuite and the anti-gaffe solution

by Lee Hopkins on June 16, 2011 · 3 comments

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This would hopefully stop abuse and gaffes which can damage your brand. Like the ones below did.

we can’t hide behind excuses like, “it was in the e-mail” or “sure, it’s right there in paragraph 8.”

CHIEFEXECUTIVE.NET have published a great read on why social software often fails to excite the C-suite and what can be done to get their support and encouragement of social initiatives within and throughout the organisation

5 top iPad apps for communicators

by Lee Hopkins on June 14, 2011

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It ties in with my post last year about top 5 ipad business apps and one of Mickie’s choices match mine (Dropbox).

here’s a brilliant video about a theatre in Austin, Texas, who threw a customer out for using their mobile phone in the-ay-ter

You can use the low-cost/high-touch tools of social media to service your customers and business leads, can’t you?!

Do we HAVE to social media?

by Lee Hopkins on June 3, 2011

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I HAD an interesting discussion with a client yesterday about the ‘Rip & Roll’ kerfuffle that occurred recently. Synopsis: Billboards and bus shelter ads appeared in Brisbane showing two gay men, one of which was holding a condom. Pretty quickly the outdoor advertisement company, adShel, started receiving complaint phone calls about the ads from members […]