BCR082: Shel Holtz on content curation

by Lee Hopkins on August 29, 2011 · 3 comments

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MASTER BUSINESS communicator Shel Holtz, ABC, shares with us his views on why content curation is the ‘next big thing’ and why we should be paying attention to it right now, whether we are a SoHo consultant or an organisational communicator.

Shel Holtz, ABC, on content curation


The video is over at YouTube (why not subscribe to my channel while you’re there?) and you can also listen to the podcast below, or subscribe to it on iTunes.

  • Jenny Clift

    I recently used this phrase in a job application as something I’ve done manually. This has given me further food for thought though. Thank you.

  • Lee Hopkins

    Excellent phrase to drop into a conversation, too :) Good luck with the job app, Jen

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