Is Google about to kill off Dropbox?

by Lee Hopkins on September 29, 2011

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DAVID ANGOTTI over at SearchEngineJournal is reporting on a potential threat to a tool much loved by me: Dropbox.

In his post ‘Google Drive: Is the Dropbox Party Over?’ he reports on a rumour that Google could be repositioning and rebranding its ‘Google Docs’ platform to allow for storage of any type of file (which it already does) and seamless syncing across platforms and devices.

Says David,

It is expected that the Google Drive will also provide users with a set amount of storage for free and allow the purchase of additional storage if needed. If the pricing remains similar to the present levels, Google Drive users will have the option to purchase additional storage for only $5 per year per 20 GB.

When compared to the Dropbox Pro 50 plan, which charges $10 per month for 50 GB, the price of Google Drive looks dirt cheap.

Read the whole article.

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