Making your QR codes beautiful

by Lee Hopkins on October 24, 2011 · 5 comments

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Ben Teoh and Michael Roelink have come up trumps with two cool articles about QR codes:

Feel free to read and learn. Nice finds, gentlemen!

  • Ben Teoh

    Hey, glad to share.  Always great to see QR codes being used creatively.

  • Michael Roelink

    Cheers for the Mention Lee. They’re good fun to make, and clients love them. Just make sure your code has in-built accuracy measures. Around 30%.

  • Adam Ghilchrist

    Great articles! I would like to thanks Ben Teoh
    and Michael Roelink for writing such useful
    articles about QR codes. Those who are how to use codes perfectly, they can
    find good advices from here. Good job dudes! Keep it up.

  • Ludovico Grossi

    A little contribution for more usable (and good looking) qr codes 

  • Lee Hopkins

    Thanks for that! :)

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