The actor and the tweet fail

by Lee Hopkins on October 27, 2011 · 2 comments

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Courtesy of The Next Web comes a story of an American actor who turned a private tweet public – to his embarrassment.Tweet stream showing Rainn Wilson's error in not keeping a private tweet private

Hat tip to Megan Rusk for the find.

  • B!

    It’s sort of sweet you have no idea who he is and fail to grasp that he is being funny. It’s kind of his thing, what with being a satirist. 

    His twitter stream features a heavy dose of irony and I figured that was pretty clear given he didn’t delete the message, just posted hilarious follow ups.
    Nice try though. :)

  • Lee Hopkins

    Lol. Then the joke’s on me, B. you’re right; I don’t know who he
    is and didn’t realise the was intentionally tweeting as he did. He certainly fooled a lot of folks, by the looks of it.

    Thanks for correcting me :)

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