November 2011

Forbes Magazine has a great article on how major companies are just not ‘getting it’ when it comes to Facebook and social media. Says Forbes: Dealing with customers on social sites reveals "a fundamental shift in customer service," March says. Complaints used to be viewed as a nuisance, but ignoring dissatisfaction on Facebook and Twitter […]

A great interview with Kevin, who spills the beans on what social media has done for the real estate group Raine & Horne in South Australia.

My FIR colleague Dan York posted last year about a neat way to put promo video presentations together really quickly. Says Dan: So our CEO Jonathan Taylor, who has been experimenting a lot with Prezi lately, whipped up a quick Prezi to explain what happens. A group of us collectively tweaked it a small bit […]

Participants will learn how to utilise proven methodologies, tips, techniques and observations to ethically increase sales volumes, profit margin, income, customer satisfaction, time and job satisfaction whilst reducing stress and effort

Guest post by Rachel Carlson Faux pas is the fancy French way of saying, “Yo! You just violated the norms of social behaviour.” We all make them. Usually our mistakes are merely embarrassing: for example, using the wrong fork in a fancy restaurant; or asking a non-pregnant woman when she’s due. Ouch. But some faux […]

3 Uber-Cool & Creative Tools For Heavy Twitter Users

by Lee Hopkins on November 15, 2011

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you now have 3 Twitter tools that are going to come in very handy for anyone who’s doing a whole lot of Tweeting and they’ll probably even help you generate new followers and traffic all at the same time too!

To help avoid the most common mistakes, have a look at the list of top ten business communications mistakes below:

Facebook Fan Pages are a wonderful way to find an audience among internet users and then bring those users together in one place.

We were bribed with the opportunity to sit in the new Cruze Hatch, a locally-made and Australian-designed new car from the Holden stable

Social media is all about interaction with others. Communication is key, and you must make an effort to communicate with your website’s visitors and your social media circles