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by Lee Hopkins on November 9, 2011 · 4 comments

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Google+It’s Day Two of the landgrab rush on Google Plus. Companies are finally allowed to go in and build their spaces, no doubt replicating what they already have on Facebook.

I set up my own page on Google+ (as I did on Facebook) as a way of testing how it all works for businesses.

Michelle Prak has compiled a list (but no links, dammit) of early adopter Aussie brands which shows some expected faces, and some intriguing and unexpected ones.

Prakky also wrote a quick but useful post with three helpful tips on building your own Google page.

Personally, my views on Google+ have slightly changed since my last post about it; I’m not using it with the expectation of generating business for myself, but instead as a fabulous resource for stunning photography from around the world, which it seems built to do spectacularly well.

But with 40 million members and still growing, Google+ is a social network that isn’t going away. Yes, you need to be on it, the same as you need to be on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Michelle Prak

    LOL. Thanks Lee. I did have links but then a reader said they were routed via my GooglePlus page so I panicked and removed them. Must add them back in with the page URLs.

  • Lee Hopkins

    Thanks, M :)

  • Lee Hopkins

    Heidi Miller (the divine Miss M) has an interesting read about how lazy brands and lazy businesses will not like G+. Great read:

  • Lee Hopkins

    More on Heidi’s post:

    She says: “Google+ allows the distinction between a mild affinity for a brand
    (+1) and the desire to actually keep in contact with the brand on a
    regular basis (add to Circles). Brands that are only interested in
    bulking up fan numbers may look at this differentiation with dismay.
    However, brands that are interested in truly engaging with a smaller
    number of influencers rather than stacking up up meaningless Likes will
    rise to the top and find ways to enhance communication with their real

    Very astute thinking, Miss M!

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