Marketing with Facebook Fan Pages: 3 Tips for the Best Results

by Lee Hopkins on November 13, 2011

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Guest post by Nadia Jones


Facebook has done many things for our society. Aside from the snarky comments I can make about causing stalker tendencies and severe inattentiveness in today’s generation of teens and young adults, Facebook has also provided a fairly revolutionary way to market a product or service and reach a vast audience.

Facebook Fan Pages are a wonderful way to find an audience among internet users and then bring those users together in one place. With over 800 million users worldwide, Facebook is a marketing tool no professional should (or could) pass up. With online marketing today focusing almost solely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), many talented professionals are missing out on the marketing potential Facebook Fan Pages have to offer. Perfect these three aspects of your Facebook Fan Page to make it more visible and appealing to your consumers.

Display Your Favorite Likes
Facebook Fan Pages allow you to display five of your favorite "likes" on the side of your page. This feature is a great way to bring new users to your Facebook page. Those you like the pages that you like may be driven to your page through the "like" display on the side of the Fan Pages. Furthermore, marketers can use this feature to market subsidiaries of their brand. This feature helps marketers establish their ideals and image more succinctly. By displaying what other companies you "like", support, and identify with, you will more clearly display who you are as a company or product to your consumers. Furthermore, people who display your product or service on their page as a "like" will help to drive more traffic and attention to your page.

Fan Page Profile Photos
Fan Pages now allow users to display five different pictures at the top of the page. This feature is a wonderful way to better market and display your company’s brand. There are several different ways you can use these displayed pictures as a way to improve your marketing scheme. Display five different pictures that represent your brand and logo perfectly. Creating a brand is all about being recognizable. By displaying five clear images of your brand and logo, you will help your consumers gain a wider exposure to the company image. A company can also use this photo display to showcase their newest products. Put up five different pictures of your hottest new items. This will create buzz and encourage your consumers to look further into your products.

Showing Up on Fan News Feeds
Obviously, this isn’t an aspect of your actual Fan Page that can be used as marketing, but in order to reach an audience, they have to see you. There are several different ways that marketers can get their Fan Page to show up on their Fans’ news feeds more prominently and more regularly. First, you should pay attention to what time you are posting things to your page. It has been shown that posting things between 10 am Eastern time and 4 pm Eastern time is most successful. It is in this timeframe people are on Facebook most often and most actively. Also, it has been shown that Thursdays and Fridays receive the best engagement rates for posts from Facebook users. Try posting things on your Fan Page during these times and on these days to ensure that as many of your fans as possible see it.

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