3 Uber-Cool & Creative Tools For Heavy Twitter Users

by Lee Hopkins on November 15, 2011

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Guest post by Lior Levin


Before anyone had ever heard of Twitter pretty much everyone had heard about blogs. A blog made it possible for anyone, regardless of their technical ability, to publish content online. So suddenly the world was flooded with an entire new generation of web 2.0 content publishers and the content quickly got lost in the all the digital static that flooded the ‘net. 

Twitter changed things almost overnight with the introduction of the idea of micro blogging. Now you could share your ideas with the entire world, with a mass audience, but you had to do it in less than 140-characters. 

But Twitter wasn’t created perfect and like any web 2.0 tool there was always space for innovation and the creation of add-ons for Twitter itself – not to replace the micro-blogging tool but to enhance what is already there. I want to share my 3 favourite Twitter tools that help me make the most of my tweeting each day.

Are you finding that managing all your Twitter activity from that one single web-based interface is too much? Once you’ve built up tweeting momentum you may want to look at TweetDeck to help you better manage what you’re doing with Twitter. This is a piece of software available for PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android phones which affords you a complete overview of all your incoming and outgoing tweets and all your direct messages also.  Handily enough you can also create groups and subgroups to categorize your followers in a way that makes sense to you! Probably one of the most popular Twitter tools ever created to be honest, folks.

Sharing your content on Twitter is fun and easy. But something most micro bloggers don’t understand is that sending a tweet at the wrong time for your audience is the same as not sending any tweet at all. You see, if nobody is watching your feed then nobody can read your message and it quickly disappears into the digital ether along with thousands of other badly timed tweets.

Timely.Is let’s you schedule your tweets (it does need access to your account to do this). Not only that but it also analyses your last 199 tweets to find the best time for your tweets to reach your audience. So you’re not just getting a tweet scheduler you’re also getting some Twitter analytics included too. Timely.Is offers an awful lot for a free service and at least now your tweets will achieve maximum possible distribution to your audience because they’ll be online when you send it.

Twitter is all about three main things – you, your content and your followers. If any of these are missing from the equation then you’re not really going to benefit from Twitter at any level. Having more followers means your messages reach a wider audience who can then retweet your content for even more expansive distribution of your message. 

One of the quickest ways to get new followers anywhere is to offer them something free in advance – an eBook, MP3 or something else you’ve produced for example. 

Enter Cloud:Flood. This service allows you to upload your freebie to their servers, create a link to it and then instantly reward people for retweeting your content with the freebie you uploaded. An ingenious way of creating more traffic and finding more followers no? Cloud:Flood has been designed with marketers in mind but that’s not a bad thing especially now that Google is looking more at social media triggers to gauge how much authority to give your site or blog.

So there you go; you now have 3 Twitter tools that are going to come in very handy for anyone who’s doing a whole lot of Tweeting and they’ll probably even help you generate new followers and traffic all at the same time too! 

This guest post is written by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant for a neon sign store that provides custom made signs such as a white led open sign. Lior also consults for a company that provides innovative new cancer treatments.

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