BCR088: Test drive of Holden’s Cruze Series II hatchback–the sporty SRi-V version

by Lee Hopkins on December 16, 2011

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I haven’t had so much fun driving in ages. Honestly. I love everything about this car (well, almost)…

Review of the Holden Cruze Series II hatchback

The stereo system is excellent, the handling is great, the ride is firm but not bone-shattering, the air-conditioning is up for Australia’s conditions…

Sure, it doesn’t fit adults in the back all that well, unless they are small in stature, but it’s perfect for taxiing the pre-teens around.

The only slight hiccup in my love affair with the Cruze is that it is thirsty. I picked the car up with just 2,000 kilometres on the clock, but the average fuel consumption was a staggering 9.9/litres per 100km. I brought it down to 9.1—and I was still driving with gusto—but for a 1.4 litre engine that level of fuel consumption is a bit high; it’s what I’d expect to be receiving from a brand new Commodore or Falcon.

But the fuel consumption aside, I just adored driving this car and would willingly fork out the $28,500 plus costs that the top-of-the-line sporty SRi-V model costs.

Do yourself a favour and nip down to your nearest Holden dealer and ask for a test drive; it could be the most fun you’ve had this millennium!

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