VeriShow: live chat meets real-time multimedia content sharing

by Lee Hopkins on February 6, 2012

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Wherever you go online, you’re accustomed to using various apps and multimedia tools that help schedule events, perform tasks and communicate better with others. Companies that want to provide top customer support clearly need to study and implement these technologies into their own websites.

VeriShow, a real-time live help solution, has done just that, by combining live chat with an app-based platform that enables multimedia content sharing and live video feed. The service’s latest integration with LivePerson’s powerful online engagement solution makes it smarter and more flexible – for both live support and online sales purposes.

VeriShow’s main capabilities are:

  • Audio and Video –  For escalating a text chat to a full video meeting when needed.
  • Content sharing – Share product documents, images and videos.
  • Form completion – use this app to show a form to a visitor, and help her sign and complete it online by appending an electronic signature.
  • Live video feed – Plug in a second camera to display a product and highlight its features in real-time.
  • Screen Sharing – share your screen or see your client’s screen, and assist her by co-browsing and controlling her computer remotely.
  • Visitors’ doc app – an app which allows a client to upload a file from her own computer.
  • Automatic Text Translator – This chat application makes communicating with clients that speak other languages an easy task, by automatically translating the chat into the chosen language.

By using the platform’s different app, businesses can provide personalized help in more efficient, interactive ways. If you are interested in adding a multimedia live chat to your customer support tools, you can try VeriShow for free. The service offers premium plans for business of all sizes.

Here’s a video about it:

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