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Pump up your public relations efforts: e-communication strategies

Pump up your public relations efforts: e-communication strategies

by Lee Hopkins on February 29, 2012

in pr,strategy

Guest post by Alia Haley.


For an organization to meet new heights of success and flourish in its endeavors, in an effort to meet its pre-set goals, it is very important for it to maintain a strong public relation with the public, at large, its investors, employees and stakeholders. Research says that a good relationship with its public effects a company’s leadership, products and political decisions, as it calls for indulgence in conferences, winning business industry awards, active involvement with the press and a sound and transparent communication with the employees too.

However, the new modern age technologies and inventions have lead to decrease in dependency on usage of paper for formal communications. Giving way to e-communication strategies, on-line interactions and communications have, by far, taken over the previous and obsolete mode by completely outcasting it.

Electronic communication, or e-communication, is becoming the primary method of formal communication for a business organization in an attempt to co-relate and function in accordance with its public and press. Not only is this system more efficient, economic and user-friendly, it even requires less manpower, is eco-friendly, and enables your organization be aware of current affairs and latest technologies, which in turn adds to its USP.

However, to ensure the best results for your company to touch the skies of success, it is very important to opt for the most effective and efficient method of electronic communication, as per your organization’s requirements and needs. Maintaining proper strategies and formatting skills for all your data needs is the key to the communication success of your business.

Some files are best viewed when linked with the HTML software formatting, while some others operate best on Abode PDF (Acrobat) files, while still others would be most suitable when categorized under text-only files. Let’s take a closer view of how to distinguish and establish different formatting strategies as per your file requirements, so as to be made available for most effective public viewing and response.

Pumping up public relations through electronic communication

1. HTML Messages
Newsletters, daily news, feedbacks and marketing material seem most effective when listed and e-mailed as HTML messages, without attachments, as it enables the company to include colors, pictures and larger fonts, for a more engraving effect on its public. It transforms the very image of the e-mail page into a web-page. However, you should be careful to use smaller amounts of content and add your website link to access further information. Further, you can create a more personalized effect by segregating and sending only those newsletters and stories to preferred members as per their requirements and needs, instead of dispatching the full content to one and all.

2. PDF format
The main aim of any electronic newsletter and marketing effort is to diversify and drive traffic to your website. By converting a paper copy to PDF format, along with an e-mail link, helps to measure the effectiveness of your communication. It assists you to track the popularity of any particular story by ascertaining the number of times it has been clicked and viewed by the public.

However, easy opt-out options should be made available while using this formatting for the convenience of the users.

3. Microsoft Word
The use of Microsoft Word, with a linkage of Mail Merge to send e-mail messages, can also prove very effective in increasing a company’s PR outreach. This strategy helps to personalize the messages by attaching the name and address of the member. It can easily extract information of a member from the database, but you cannot attach your web-link or easy opt-out options on it.

4. Fee-based services
Specialized fee based services like iMIS, Destination 3000 or Olive Software can enable a company to appoint and subscribe to a third party named Informz. The latter mixes data with the created message directly from your database. The popular member database systems like ASAE and Avectra endorse products like Magnet Mail and other communication partners to ensure the desired result. A linkage with any of these can ensure excellent reputation for customer support and services.

5. Hard-copy substitutes
In case of event confirmations, receipts, invoices and education certificates, a web-based service may not be congenial and feasible. It requires a hard-copy document for which the user has to upload and to install an application called Communicate, which would modify itself to work with other systems, against a nominal charge. This again plays a pivotal role in boosting public relations of a company, by highlighting its excellence and leading-edge position within its industry through its use of the latest communication technologies.

Important points to remember, which help to enhance public relations:

1. Create alert-based communication
No matter which strategy of e-communication you choose for your organization, for posting any new information, updates and reports, you should show promptness in notifying your audience with quick mails so that they can access it with immediate effect. Being on your toes in providing these services would pave way for a stronger PR at a faster rate.

2. Create customized views based on user profiles
Each segment of your audience should be provided and channeled to view only that information which is relevant for them, rather than sending them irrelevant (to them) messages, with the risk of those messages being considered spam.

3. Build private sites for media contacts
Media linkage determines the ladder to the success of a business, so a private website should be created solely and specifically for journalists alone. This website link should provide press releases, photographs of latest events organized by the company, and other related timely information.

4. Pre-build crisis management micro-sites
A mini website, built as a standby to actively handle and deal with crisis situations and communications therein, should be developed and built. It would help reduce customer service calls and encourage flashing of a consistent message that would speak to the public and reply to its queries instantly.

5. Measure activity with dashboards
Based upon ‘open’ and ‘click-through’ rates, page views and downloads, building a foundation of measurement of communication activities helps determine and show ROI, leading to even better communication and dialogue with the company’s leadership and with its publics.

About the author: Alia Haley is very passionate when it comes to blogging and writing. She is a gadget freak and loves to write on technology. Her articles include various aspects associated to Android tablets and currently she is writing on USB flash drive.

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