Finish my sentence. Social media is…

by Lee Hopkins on March 23, 2012

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The sublime and witty Laurel Papworth has a great post up at the moment, all about community managers and playing those ‘fill the gaps’ or ‘finish this sentence’ online faux pas.

Says Laurel,

There are a few pitfalls in social media and definitely one of them is to try and force conversations around “finish my sentence….” games. It never ends well – either ignored or turned vile. Here’s some tips and warnings for beginner online community managers.

She goes on to give examples from the recent #QantasLuxury, Coles and Safeway campaigns. We all saw the howlers that these companies generated.

Stopping briefly to let us know when NOT to run a ‘finish this sentence’ game, Laurel goes on to tell us how to do it properly and even gives an example or two.

A post well worth checking out, friends. Read it here.

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