April 2012

Chapter One explores the essential background to social media and explains why measuring and analysing social media metrics is so important to the success of any social media programme

Lights off, somebody home

by Lee Hopkins on April 21, 2012

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I recently signed another report/book contract with Ark Group Publishing, this time to write on Social Media ROI.

Organizers say the 2011 competition generated 300,000 new Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and YouTube views. Fleming increased his Facebook likes by 1,620 or 6.1 percent during the seven week contest

Five teenage girls from an Adelaide all-girls high school have done themselves a tremendous amount of ill-fortune by filming themselves offering sexual acts. In an obvious spoof of the phenomenal KONY 2012 video the allegedly 14 year old girls created a GOBS 2012 video. I bet they didn’t expect, nor understand, why they suddenly got […]