Never let it be said that politicians aren’t up with the times…

by Lee Hopkins on April 17, 2012

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US Capitol Dome

News reaches me from the excellent blog AllFacebook that the US Republican Party has a yearly competition to see who uses social media the best.

Now in its third year, the first two contests were won by John Fleming of Louisiana.

How effective? In January 2009, only 30 percent of House Republicans were on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Today, more than 85 percent of House Republicans are using these platforms.

There’s rules for the competition, of course:

2. The three ways to score points are: Adding new Page Likes (Facebook), Profile Followers (Twitter), and Channel Subscribers (YouTube). Each new page Like, Subscriber, or Follower is valued as 1 point.

3. You must have **official** Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts to enter.

7. Members are encouraged to use email newsletters, blogs, office websites, and cross-promotion on social media.

8. Creativity and collaboration is encouraged, but violating any of the rules will result in a participant’s immediate disqualification

Organizers say the 2011 competition generated 300,000 new Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and YouTube views. Fleming increased his Facebook likes by 1,620 or 6.1 percent during the seven week contest.

Definitely one for our own pollies to look at…

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