June 2012

Mandatory reading from the brilliant folks at Step Two. I don’t know how long this offer will last. But follow this link to Amazon and get it while it does. Technorati Tags: james robertson, kindle, step two, intranet, reading, book, management, business communication, lee hopkins

For many years marketers and sales people have been at slightly crossed purposes. Both groups have had the same aim—to sell more stuff—but sales people knew that to do that was a numbers game (knock on more doors, make more phone calls). Marketers, from their perspective, knew that the better the product, the closer the […]

Presentation on how businesses can best manage Facebook’s Timeline Technorati Tags: facebook, timeline, management, business, business communication, marketing, pr, engagement, lee hopkins

Rick Sarouk has written a guest article for me over on my articles website. Entitled 7 Ways to Utilize Facebook Timeline for Business, Rick’s article covers: 1. Establish Your Brand Image 2. Promote Your Product & Services Simultaneously 3. Offer Promotional Deals 4. Gain More Fans or Customers 5. Create Loyalty through Storytelling 6. Generate […]