Stellar Presentations is a mighty good read

by Lee Hopkins on July 5, 2012

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It’s also a damn instructive one, too.

Stellar Presentations: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Giving Great Talks.

Want to know how to present properly so that you don’t bore your audience? This book will tell you.

What to know how to present so that you don’t look like a poor copy of the late, great Steve Jobs? This book will tell you.

Written by Shel Israel as an aid for tech startups who are looking for venture funding, the wisdom and insights inside the covers touches all aspects of professional presenting.

Seriously, I can’t rate this book highly enough. It’s only US$6.64 for your Kindle and that’s peanuts to pay for the thousands of dollars of value you get out of it. Easy to read, powerful in message.

There’s only two books out of all the books I’ve read so far this year that I so strongly recommend—Stellar Presentations and Olivier Blanchard’s management-level work on Social Media ROI.

You’d be a fool to miss out on Shel’s wisdom.

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