Calling all photographers: Yellow Pages wants your images for its covers

by Lee Hopkins on July 12, 2012 · 3 comments

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yellow pages - capture the cover

Yellow Pages have launched a competition to find great images to put on its front covers.

Instead of the usual one cover per city, each capital city will have six or seven different covers, depending on the region. So, for example, there may be one cover for Adelaide, and a different cover for the Adelaide Hills.

There’s swag to be won, too. For each of the 36 regions there is:
1 major prize: a choice of a Canon EOS 1100 DSLR or an iPad.
9 runner-up prizes: $50 cash cards.
Yes, that’s 360 prizes. And plenty of chances to be on the cover.

There’s plenty of movement happening on the Yellow Pages’ Facebook page, plus later on this month you’ll be able to check out some of the best entries on Pinterest, under the ‘Capture the Cover Inspiration’ board. If you’re a Pinterest fan, create your own boards including the hashtag #capturethecover and referencing Capture the Cover; Yellow Pages just might repin your image!

There’s plenty of social buttons on the entry site so you can share your entries with your friends.

I’ve already submitted some images* (see below), so go for it!


* I can’t win a prize, though, because I’m part of the blogging team talking about the competition.

  • Pete Cripps

    I can’t help think that this is a bad idea…Yellow Pages is a dying business model (online search and peer recommendations trump all over it) and by opening a competition it is attempting on the surface to be collaborating with photographers to produce ‘community covers’ where in reality it is using a competition to lower business costs by not paying photographers for their work. 

    My opinion.

  • Pete Cripps

    and if I’m being too harsh and a little cynical…it’s a great opportunity for photographers to showcase their work and get some great gear…

  • Yellow Pages ahmedabad

    Nice!!!Yellow Pages have launched a competition to find great images to put on its front covers.

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