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Social media and Change – case studies and extra reading material

Social media and Change – case studies and extra reading material

by Lee Hopkins on July 18, 2012

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Before you begin to introduce social media into your organisation, take the time to watch an excellent Prezi presentation by fellow IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) member Michael Murray. Michael gives an excellent holistic view of the change process as it applies to social media, and you can find it at bit.ly/LDTiH7. Michael goes into more depth in an article on the well-read blog, Social Media Strategery; you can find his article, ‘But I don’t WANNA change!’, at bit.ly/NjMKl3.

Mohsin Ghafoor and Trinity Martin have written an excellent article on the Outlook site, the online journal of high-performance business. The journal has an iPad app, making reading easier. In the article, ‘Six ways social media technologies accelerate large-scale change’, they argue:

“Social media is an important addition to a traditional change management program, one that can dramatically increase the acceptance of change and advance an organization more predictably toward its business goals. Collaboration and social media tools can reduce the time an organization needs to navigate large-scale change programs and deliver a better change experience from the employee’s perspective; this, in turn, builds a foundation for employees to be more continuously change capable in the future.”

It is an article well worth investing five minutes reading. You can find it at bit.ly/KeuOsu.

Also on the Outlook site I came across a great article by Caroline Firstbrook and Robert Wollan—‘Harnessing the power of social media’. As they say,

“Social media is a genuine game changer for business. Companies that invested early to harness the power of social media claim returns as high as 20 to 1, with even greater gains predicted to be on the way. Meanwhile, those on the wrong side of this customer-driven uprising have already learned the hard way how quickly brands and reputations can be built—or destroyed—by this phenomenon.”

Looking at such areas as Marketing, Business Intelligence, Sales, Innovation and Customer Service, the authors use other companies as real-world examples of how social media can impact on an organisation’s activities. Well worth a read, as is the appended article below theirs, ‘Pipeline to collaboration: An energy industry perspective’ by James Arnott, Craig Heiser and Brian A. Miller. All of the above authors are senior members of Accenture, spread globally. You can find both articles at bit.ly/LbB7rx.

Mark W. Schaefer has collated five case studies found in a McKinsey report (‘Social technologies on the front line’ – found at bit.ly/KStuJT) into a useful collection, showing how resources can be shared more efficiently, global training can take place with local experts, and using social tools for new product development, amongst others. Short case studies and well worth the read to further confirm that real-world companies are using social tools to good effect.

Lisa Thurber, Walmart’s Web/Digital Communications Senior Manager, shares how they engage with massive audiences internally via social media over at video site Vimeo (vimeo.com/23237342). Entitled, ‘Using Social Media for Change Management’, the 25-minute presentation was filmed at the BlogWell conference in 2011. The sound quality leaves a lot to be desired, as does the filming, but you get the gist of her presentation from her slides. I won’t lie—it’s hard work listening to this presentation; Lisa races through her talk with rare pauses for breath. Sentences and ideas run smack into each other, but I still maintain the presentation is worth your while and energy to attend to. One of Lisa’s big ideas: Transparency, relevancy, and consistency are the key to internal social communications. The slides to Lisa’s presentation are supposed to be on Slideshare, but when I searched for them all I got was a ‘404 not found’ error message, even though the search results displayed the slidedeck. Annoying, but perhaps Slideshare will have fixed this by the time you search for it. Try searching for ‘Lisa Thurber’ at Slideshare.net.

Extract from my forthcoming Ark Group report, ‘Social Media ROI’

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