BCR095: Access iQ and catering your web content to the disabled

by Lee Hopkins on August 14, 2012

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UPDATE – 15/08/2012
Access iQ useful accessibility tools report cover Amajjika has just sent me through a document that provides a whole swag of tools to help content managers and web developers ensure that they are meeting the web standards.

Feel free to download it and take advantage of the wealth of information that’s clearly laid out.


Amajjika Kumara from Access iQ™ takes us through a new web offering that helps us ensure we are doing all we can to provide web content consumable by the one in five Australians that are disabled.

Web accessibility infographic

There’s a Prezi presentation of the above infographic available for download, as well.

Access IQ™ offers advice and tools to help content managers and web developers meet Web Compliance standards.

The Facebook Access video mentioned in the podcast is below:

How screenreaders read Facebook

My chat with Amajjika has certainly reminded me of my responsibilities as a content author and provider. I have given myself a proverbial kick up the rear and promise that I’ll do better from now on.

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