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The growth of the mobile web: How mobile lead generation is shaping marketing

The growth of the mobile web: How mobile lead generation is shaping marketing

by Lee Hopkins on October 3, 2012 · 2 comments

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the mobile web

It is necessary for businesses to be continually searching for new ways to contact potential customers, to improve the business to customer interaction, which therefore lead to increased sales.

Over the past decade, there has been a significant shift towards online marketing and sales. There is a now a significant increase in mobile and particularly smart phone users accessing the web and using social media to find information via their phones. This has created a need for mobile lead generation and marketing, and it is crucial for businesses to keep up to date with these changing technologies and systems.

The new ‘Normal’

There are now a large number of companies offering services in Mobile Lead Generation. The development of user-friendly mobile interfaces and the collection of lead data will help businesses to increase sales and understand their customer profile better. The Lead Tree is a company offering these services and they offer specific suggestions for car insurance organisations. Through developing a strong mobile presence with an easy to use mobile form, The Lead Tree is able to collate important consumer information that will allow car insurance companies to target their appropriate audience and provide the best possible product information.

The Lead Tree suggests that after gathering relevant lead information from their already established customer databases, organisations can then employ telemarketing agents to make direct calls offering free quotes or deals on their car insurance. This direct call adds a human element to a technologically focused process. Companies are making the experience more user-friendly and streamlining processes, like Budget Direct car insurance comparison, which allows customers to compare insurance rates within a thumb’s reach.

End of the desktop

According to Business2Community.com (B2C), research suggests that mobile web searches will overtake desktop by the end of 2013. This means that websites will need to be adapted to mobile use within the next year to keep up with user trends. While this may result in initial costs for businesses to make these necessary changes, it is likely to result in positive outcomes and increased sales.

According to B2C, over 90 per cent of mobile searches result in action – whether that is a telephone call or an online purchase. The immediacy of the mobile phone appears to have increased consumers’ desires to get more information or to buy products immediately. Easy to use interfaces and buttons, such as ‘Click to Call,’ make it possible for consumers to receive everything they need straight away.

Direct SMS marketing offers more immediate results as well, with 95 per cent of text messages from businesses being opened within 15 minutes (B2C). These figures suggest that businesses are now able to contact potential consumers directly and receive almost immediate results.

Know what they want

The average mobile phone user is becoming more demanding in what they expect from the mobile interface. If an interface does not allow for ease of use and is not designed directly for a mobile device, users are more likely to refuse to use it and find another company who has created a user-friendly mobile site. Simply using a normal desktop website will often not work as the website is not designed for the average 500 megapixel screen of a smartphone. Websites need to be designed specifically for the mobile phone screen, with clearer text, large buttons, and simple navigation.

Strength in numbers

A financial organisation that has already had success with mobile lead generation is Aussie, which launched its mobile website in July 2011. With mobile user interaction increasing by 40 per cent within the first year, Aussie has already received awards for their website and mobile financial tools.

As seen on Brokernews.com, Alex Crompton, Head of Marketing and Digital at Aussie says, “While we knew we had made the right decision to focus on a high-performing and user-friendly mobile site, it has out-performed even the ambitious targets we set ourselves. On average, new business enquiries generated by the mobile website each week have more than doubled year-on-year, with the mobile site share of online leads up from eight to 12 per cent in just 12 months. Of our telephone leads, 12 per cent of those can be tracked as coming from our mobile site.”

This is a significant achievement for the financial group and shows the importance that mobile websites have on current business. As more people are purchasing smartphones, there is an ever-increasing need for businesses to provide appropriate tools and websites for these users. Without making these necessary changes, businesses are likely to fall behind and lose potential customers.

A personal touch for the future

Mobile websites not only allow for ease of use from the customer’s perspective, they are also great tools for organisations to increase consumer awareness. As purchasing insurance can often be a daunting and confusing experience for some customers, developing an easy-to-use and ‘fun’ interface will potentially lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Buttons such as ‘Click to Call’ that provide a direct telephone connection with a staff member will deliver the comfortable human element while also ensuring any additional questions can be easily answers.

The immediacy and ease of mobile lead generation is resulting in increased sales and delivery of information across all forms of business, and it is necessary for all organisations to keep up to date with the latest developments. According to B2C, Morgan Stanley are predicting that mobile marketing spend with increase by somewhere between five to ten times over the next four years.

  • Robin Ooi

    I think lead generation in Australia (in general) is not as saturated as it is in the states yet, let alone mobile lead generation. I supposed it depends on which industry you’re in & who your target market is as well to make mobile lead generation worthwhile.

    The growth potential is definitely huge for mobile lead generation, especially here in Australia. Early adopters will definitely have an edge on this.

  • http://www.LeeHopkins.net/ Lee Hopkins

    Great thoughts, Robin, thanks.

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