January 2013

Guest post by Ian S Lauder Creating a successful business proposal is much more than simply editing documents and shipping them off to a prospect. There may be many reasons why your business proposal did not get accepted. If you are new to proposal writing, try to look at each proposal project as a learning […]

Social media crises on the rise – yet most companies are ill-prepared. Companies are quick to deploy the latest social media technology, yet most have not prepared for the threat of social media crises, or long-term effects on business. While the incidence of social media crises is on the rise, we found that more than three-fourths (76%) could have been diminished or averted had companies invested internally.

Altimeter’s Social Hierarchy of Needs: Foundation, Safety, Formation, Enablement, Enlightenment

Facebook advertising for real estate agents

by Lee Hopkins on January 25, 2013

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Guest post by Stan Johnson The state of the real estate market all depends on who you ask. Some say it’s up, others say it’s down. Some cite that it’s a buyer’s market, while others insist that a seller holds the power. Numbers are debatable across the board, especially once you break things down by […]