The six second video – the next big thing?

by Lee Hopkins on February 7, 2013

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vine-app The web is going a little bit nuts at the moment for the latest craze: the six-second video.

Download the Vine app onto your smartphone and start taking and sharing videos of six seconds duration.

You can also watch others’ videos, although early versions of the app didn’t have a porn filter so videos definitely not safe for children were turning up in their app to watch. Ooops!

Thankfully the developers have seemingly sorted out that major hiccup and it’s much more friendly entertainment that greets you these days.

But is there any business value in Vine? Influential blogger Chris Brogan seems to think so.


  • Help prospects see your offering’s dimensions before buying. Demo a really simple how-to that’s eluding a customer.
  • Do quick personal introductions via virtual meetings.
  • About a million uses at a trade show.
  • Booth stuff.
  • Identifying prospects.
  • Pointing out meeting locations.
  • Demonstrate room-ready housekeeping checks in hotels.
  • Super brief product show-off videos.
  • Fastest house walk through ever for real estate pros.
  • Field site visit checklist in visual form.
  • Before, during, and after shots of the great haircuts and styles you give.
  • Headshots for talent agencies or hiring agencies. (Hat tip Steve Garfield).
  • Share your new website design.

Of particular interest to me is the idea to create headshots of a business’s leaders and a brief six-second outline of one aspect of that company’s culture or philosophy. Or a six-second elevator speech.

The rapid-fire video format is not new; got there before Vine, as have Tout and Viddy.

Vine’s offering won’t replace the short, concise video that is so useful on the front page of corporate websites, but it is definitely provoking some companies into being creative, which is a great thing.

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