The importance of having a responsive web design

by Lee Hopkins on May 20, 2013 · 2 comments

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Guest post by Lori CampbellThe importance of having a responsive web design

The growing popularity of mobile devices combined with the amount of web traffic that it has created have forced web developers to change their websites to reflect a more mobile friendly design. While some have gone the route of creating a separate website for their customers, a growing trend has seen sites go the route of responsive web designing to meet the needs of customers. Today I will look at responsive web design and why you should consider it for your marketing needs.

What is ‘Responsive Design’ and why is it important?

For those new to the concept of responsive web design, a responsive website will automatically adjust depending on the screen size of the device accessing the site. The content, menus, photos, banners, and everything on your site gets rearranged and resized to fit the screen of the mobile device.

Responsive designing eliminates several problems experienced by developers tasked with creating mobile sites. First, advertising gets presented in such a way that it does not dominate a user’s screen. Next, you can customize the design of the site to display information that is important to your customers and even customize it based on whether they are on a Smartphone, iPad, or Android device. Finally, this can all be done without having to update multiple sites which saves a business significant amounts on maintenance fees.

In addition, a responsive website also solves an issue experienced by some business owners. Google will sometimes penalize some websites if a third-party company hosts their website. This is essentially money down the drain. A responsive site is not viewed as a separate site by Google and your ranking will not change based on your mobile customizations.

Responsive Design is the future

If you are still not convinced that a responsive design is the way to go, keep in mind that Google has made it public that they favour a responsive design for web sites. Considering that their search engine and dynamics is what many webmasters design their sites around, it makes sense to go with a design that Google will look kindly upon.

Also, keep in mind that web traffic via mobile devices will do nothing but grow over the next few years. Over 10 percent of web traffic already comes from mobile devices and as devices become cheaper, more versatile, and data rates continue to fall, that number will continue to grow dramatically. If you want to reach these customers, you better have a website capable of being seen on most of these devices.

Lori Campbell is a part of PressTheWord, a WordPress tutorial channel. Visit their site for more tutorials.

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