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Chatwing: a new kind of chat room for your blog

Chatwing: a new kind of chat room for your blog

by Lee Hopkins on June 6, 2013 · 1 comment

in tools


I was contacted by Aaron from Chatwing the other day and he asked if he could let my readers know about his service. As I reckon it’s a good service, I let Aaron write a post explaining Chatwing. Here it is:

* * * * * * * *

A Blogger’s Definite Choice – Chatwing

Bloggers usually share their experiences and other information through their posts. And every time they make a new one, their readers will read it and instantly give their thoughts about it. But sometimes, there are things which one can’t simply write about in posts – things like what they are doing now. That’s because these things are better said directly to the recipients, this time the site readers themselves – and a great way to do this is by embedding Chatwing chat software into the site.

Chatwing is a great chatting tool that site owners can easily embed onto their site simply by copying the chatroom’s code and pasting it into the site. Once it goes live, it will act as a bridge that will connect the blogger and his readers through live chat. Chatting can provide a good experience for the chatters, since it’ll be more like casual talking instead of making a good story in which people would still need a dictionary for them to understand what it’s all about.


That chatroom can hold a lot of people, so the user need not to worry about the chatroom filling up to the brim – it can occupy 7000 chatters at most, a number that only Chatwing can achieve. Logging in is even a piece of cake as the readers has the freedom to use their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo) or their Chatwing accounts (if they have one) to be able to chat inside the chatroom. And if they don’t want to use any of these, they can always sign in anonymously as Guests.

Personal taste is what blogs is all about. Bloggers apply their own preferences into their blogs, giving it a sense of uniqueness. The same could be said about Chatwing’s chatroom. The user can easily modify its appearance to whatever he sees fit – he can even use a unique image of his own for the chatroom’s background theme by embedding the URL link of that image into the chatroom.

Giving the chatroom a unique appearance can also entice the readers into using it. It’s definitely much better compared to having a bland looking one that’s totally unappealing to the eyes. It’s even better if that chat software is also complimented with a system that can easily manage it and provide security for its chatters. Fortunately, Chatwing is just that chatroom.

The user can exercise his rights as the administrator easily with a simple mouse click. He can ban other chatters and delete their messages. This is very effective against spammers and other abusive people who might interrupt the flow of conversation by spamming or making rude remarks. Applying the word filter would also make the chatroom more secure as it can prevent the use of profanity if properly used.

Assigning moderators would cut the user’s work in half. They can help him in managing the site as he can also give them the right to ban people or delete messages as well. But for them to be moderators, they would need to have a Chatwing account first. No need to worry though, because making one literally takes less than a minute.

In conclusion, Chatwing chat app is simply one step ahead of its competitors in terms of functionality and stability. For the bloggers, using this chatting tool would definitely work to their advantage. It will surely provide them only the best chatting experience with their readers.

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    Through this article I learned to Chatwing maybe I’ll try it.

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