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Top 9 email marketing tips from 99designs

Top 9 email marketing tips from 99designs

by Lee Hopkins on September 6, 2013 · 3 comments

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top 9 email marketing tips from 99designs.com.au

Guest post by Miranda Burford, Marketing Manager at 99designs

Email still remains one of the most cost-effective channels for marketing departments all around the world. How can you make email marketing work for you? Simply follow the top 9 tips and tactics below.

1. Stop mass mailing
Ensure that you only send relevant, useful and valuable content to your subscriber base. Be sure to segment your list by location or industry. Don’t send out a ‘Summer Promotion’ to subscribers on the other side of the world who are in the middle of winter. Always keep it relevant and timely.

2.  Got something to say?
What’s the goal of the email you’re sending? Is it a product release, promotion or new feature announcement? Don’t send out an email unless you’ve got a story to tell. Always keep it interesting and newsworthy. Ask yourself, would you like to read this email?

3. Soften your subject line
Don’t include a super salesy subject line! Tone it down, make it catchy, keep it less than 50 characters and most importantly, tell recipients exactly what to expect when they open the email. Avoid caps, multiple exclamation marks and using words like ‘free’ or ‘cash’.

4. Stay friendly, but professional
Content is king! Keep your copy personal and write for people. You want to sound friendly, but still professional. Break up your copy with headings, sub-headings and bullet points. You want to ensure that recipients can quickly skim read your email. Drop the marketing and sales-speak!

5. Get your design right
Make sure your amazing, eye-catching email design renders correctly in all popular email applications. If in doubt, try using the free templates provided by your own email marketing solution. Alternatively, our talented design community at 99designs came up with 3 irresistible email templates for you to download and use. We’ve got a newsletter, promotional email and notification email available in 3 stunning colours. Download your templates for free right now.

6. Include one call to action
Keep your email marketing as simple as possible. By including a single, clear call to action, you’re ensuring that recipients click-through to your designated landing page. You don’t want them distracted by less important links.

7. Go mobile
Today, it’s extremely important to make sure that your email designs are responsive and display correctly on all popular mobile devices. Think about how your message is delivered to those on smartphones or tablets.

8. Test, test, test
It’s extremely important to test all facets of your email marketing. Test subject lines, content, email layouts, plain text vs. HTML and even how often your emails are being sent. Find out what works and continue to fine-tune your email marketing efforts.

9. Monitor your results
As marketers, we all love stats! Make sure you closely monitor your deliverability rates, open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates and any other measures of success. Learn from your testing and aim to continually improve the numbers for your next campaign.

Miranda Burford is the Marketing Manager for 99designs.com.au, the largest online marketplace for graphic design.

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