October 2013

Guest post by Melissa Collett Social media is becoming increasingly important to more and more of us. It is a topic that we hear about often but it doesn’t need to make your head spin. There are many social media platforms available but knowing how Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media forms can benefit […]

Guest post by Ben Oren, Head Consultant at Dynamic Search With continuous financial pressures and tight marketing budgets, most companies are using email marketing to market their goods. This is because each business needs to connect with their client base. This creates a new challenge for most companies. They wonder how to create a successful […]

Any social media initiative an organisation undertakes needs strategic direction, most often starting with addressing the question, “What problem are we trying to solve?” Answering, even just posing, that question helps move an organisation along a long way. The range of social media options open to organisations is vast—having an end-point in mind will help […]

My favourite graphic design marketplace—99designs—have released their first ebook, "Landing Page Design That Sells" and they’re giving it away for free along with three awesome landing page design templates. If you think you would be interested, here’s a link to their blog post with complete details: http://99designs.com/customer-blog/landing-page-design-ebook/ Technorati Tags: 99designs, graphic design, landing page, template

SharePoint is Microsoft’s fastest-growing product ever, with half of companies surveyed on LinkedIn last year already employing it for their intranet portal and collaboration solution, Ciba Solutions reports. It is used by Fortune 500 companies like Chrysler, Kraft, Northwestern Mutual, and UPS. SharePoint also leads enterprise content management systems, used by more high-traffic sites than […]