November 2013

Guest post by John Terra. Social media offers rich potential for reaching out to new customers, building a relationship with them, and increasing your business’ visibility and brand. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to all of this easy communication. Much in the same way that customers can get first-hand information about your new products, services, and […]

A Chatwing Tutorial – Group Chat URL

by Lee Hopkins on November 15, 2013 · 2 comments

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Aaron from Chatwing follows up an earlier article with details on how to make best use of Chatwing’s features if you are a first time user. Keeping friends close no matter where they are is only possible when you are in constant communication with each other. Through chatting, one can experience the fun of having […]

Guest post by Nolan Grayson. Summary: Businesses have learned that teleconferencing is a very effective tool. It is a way to get people together for a meeting when they are in different locations. It is also an important tool that can be used for business marketing. It is vital to know how to overcome technical […]

How Smartphones Use Continues To Rise?

by Lee Hopkins on November 14, 2013

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This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Finish Line coupon) and Lee Hopkins . <br /> <img style="max-width: 100%;" src="" alt="How Smartphones Use Continues To Rise?" /></p> <p></a></p> <p> This Infographic is produced by <a href="">Coupon Audit (provides Finish Line coupon) </a> and <a href="">Lee Hopkins</a> </p>.<br />

Guest post by Sabina Stoiciu. “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” (George Bernard Shaw). And this is the worst that can happen to your business when it comes to customers and communication – believing you have succeeded in communicating with your customer when in fact that communication […]

Social Gaming Industry – Statistics & Trends

by Lee Hopkins on November 14, 2013

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Guest post by Edward Simpson. Over the past five years, the market for social games has grown significantly. Social games take place on social networks such as Facebook, as well as on iOS’s native Game Centre system. Social gaming involves gaming where you are connected to a network of many other players. This sector has […]

It’s funny how sometimes you receive something just at the point in your life when you need it the most. That is certainly the case with this book. On the eve of a new venture starting up and in need of some guidance and direction comes this excellent guide to success. As the author, famed […]

The rise of audio material

by Lee Hopkins on November 9, 2013

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Just bumped into this infographic about the rise of audio material on the internet. What grabbed me was the Slate stats bottom-right. Infographic brought to you by Crazy Egg Analytics     Posted with Blogsy

Google is changing the way you attract organic visitors

by Lee Hopkins on November 5, 2013

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Guest post by Joy Kennelly Google is once again changing the game for webmasters hoping to tailor their search engine optimization efforts. On September 23, Google made all searches secure, encrypting data that webmasters previously used to track organic search data. Google first introduced this extra layer of user security in 2011, when Google Webspam […]

I’m re-reading Mitch Joel’s second book, ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ [order through Dymocks], and again marvelling at how he manages to engender so many thoughts and ideas in me; it’s like he triggers a new marketing idea every three pages. By the way, that’s Kindle pages, so probably he’s inspiring a fresh idea every double page […]