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by Lee Hopkins on November 12, 2013 · 1 comment

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Life in half a second by Matthew Michalewicz

It’s funny how sometimes you receive something just at the point in your life when you need it the most. That is certainly the case with this book.

On the eve of a new venture starting up and in need of some guidance and direction comes this excellent guide to success.

As the author, famed entrepreneur and now Adelaide resident Matthew Mihalewicz, points out, nothing in this slim-ish volume is new — the ‘secrets’ are as old as time itself and all ‘success’ self-development books mention them. What makes this book unique is that the book is so easily read and its lessons applied. That, and the acknowledgement that it takes ‘action’ to make anything happen for you. All of the goal setting in the world — and goal setting is important — won’t bring your dreams to reality unless you take action.

This is something that Tony Robbins emphasises a lot – that massive, purposeful action will bring you closer to realising your goals than just about anything else. What Matthew does is skillfully take all of the ‘padding’ out of the populist success and self-development literature and leave the pure essence of the lessons to be learned.

Not many people know that I wrote my own self-development book many years ago. ‘How to be your Possible Self’ was written as a result of my undergraduate psychology research; I couldn’t find a publisher so self-published it as an ebook on the net. The message I had was more convoluted and confusing than Matthew’s easy-to-understand message and for various reasons I stopped believing in my own message and stopped setting goals, instead letting life buffet me this way and that.

Hence the timely arrival of Matthew’s book — as a direct result of reading a new chapter every night for a week (there are seven main chapters) I have now set some one, three and five year goals, worked on my desire levels, sorted out some environmental factors and sought out some more positive influences than I had been previously allowing to fill my mind, sought out some literature of others who have already succeeded in my new venture area, and started taking some action despite not being 100% ready — I want to establish momentum.

I’ve written a ‘success’ book, I’ve studied the ‘success’ literature, I know what a good ‘success’ book is. Matthew’s book is not just good but excellent. I cannot rate it highly enough. It has come as if a message from above for me, at a time I was ready to read it. I had stopped goal-setting and stopped believing in myself. With Matthew’s book I am turning that around.

If your life is stuck on freewheel, or going backwards, if you want to have more out of life — not just the material things but the more important things like quality relationships and time with your loved ones — then buy Matthew’s book, read his words, follow his prompts and feel an inner peace come over you as you start to take back control of your life.

Buy his book, then write to him to tell him what it has meant to you, because that’s what I have done by writing this review.

Order the hardback book from Dymocks (the Adelaide Rundle Mall store has plenty in stock) or download the Kindle version of  Life in Half a Second: How to Achieve Success Before it’s Too Late.


  • Kate from Seduced by Beauty

    Great review Lee. I am so pleased that this book has had such an impact on you at a time when you need it the most. I look forward to seeing you achieve your goals and will be there applauding your success :-)

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