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by Lee Hopkins on November 15, 2013 · 2 comments

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Aaron from Chatwing follows up an earlier article with details on how to make best use of Chatwing’s features if you are a first time user.

Keeping friends close no matter where they are is only possible when you are in constant communication with each other. Through chatting, one can experience the fun of having to talk with everyone even if they are thousands of miles across the world. Using a chatroom is easy, but creating one is much better since being the admin would let you manage the chatroom easier.

Choosing the right chat software to use is also important. And when it comes to chatrooms, Chatwing is definitely one of the best. This tool is complimented by a lot of features which easily makes it one of the most sophisticated chatting tools created yet it’s very easy to use. And making one is definitely a piece of cake.

Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Getting a Chatwing Account

You can’t proceed further without a Chatwing account, so make one first. Go to Chatwing’s homepage and open the registration form. Fill it up and check the boxes before submitting it to proceed to the next step.


Step 2: Making the Chatroom

The next page you’ll be in is the Dashboard page. This is where you’ll find your chatroom and where you can create a new one. To do so, press the Create chatbox button. Afterwards, you’ll be instantly redirected to the customization page.


Step 3: Modifying the Chatroom

Next up, you are to modify your chatroom. There are a lot of customization options you can change, all of which are separated into tabs. In each tab, a certain part of the chatroom can be changed or one of Chatwing’s additional functions can be used. You can browse through each tab freely, and go back to the previous one you came from.

However, you have to make sure that you save your settings before going to another tab. You can do so by pressing the Save button. The changes you’ve made on your chatroom will instantly be viewed on the preview window. Now that you’re done with customizing, it’s time to head on to the next step – press the Use button on top of the Customization page.


Step 4: Embedding – Group Chat

Chatwing let’s you decide how you’ll use the chatroom. You can do that here, in the Embedding page. You’ll only need to use the chatroom so go with Group Chat URL. You’ll see two links here – a longer and a shorter version of your chatrooms URL.


Pick one and copy it. Paste the URL into your browser. Wait for a few moments for the chatroom to load up and you can start using it afterwards.


Using the Chatroom

To invite your friends, simply give them the link to your chatroom and have them access it the same way you do. They can login using their Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo or Tumblr accounts – this makes it easier for you to recognize who they are.

As the admin, you can manage the chatroom easily. You can kick anyone out and delete their messages. This is very essential especially if there are unwanted people that will try to interrupt your conversations with your friends – spammers are one of those examples too. Chatwing still has a lot of functions that you can utilize and it will surely help you provide a better place for you and your friends to chat on.

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