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the business case: there is visible return on investment

The organisers encourage submissions of microblogging research work in both social context and work settings

What I and my clients want are ‘hard numbers’

Just received my courtesy copy of the 2nd Australasian edition of Wood, Zefane, Fromholtz, Wiesner and Creed’s core textbook, ‘Organisational Behaviour: Core Concepts and applications’ (Wiley). It’s part of the fun that comes from being a psychologist as well as a business communicator; never a dull life! Very flattered, because again they have referenced by […]

I haven’t done anything (of note) on my research for over a year; I figure it high time I got down to business

We should not be trying to COMPETE with the Microsofts, Alcatel-Lucents, IBMs, Avayas and Ciscos of this world

there’s a shedload of good numbers and charts that make it a ‘must have’ for agencies and their clients

Can the ‘alts’ of Second Life and other virtual worlds be akin to ‘alters’, the various alternative states of DID and MPD?

This may make some squeamish, but one NZ academic is using Second Life as a way of teaching midwifery; a tip of the Akubra to NWN for the heads-up.

It was a small leap from Eve to this very blog before you and some would argue that the language hasn’t developed much in the interim, either