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BCR096: Is Instagram the new Twitter?

by Lee Hopkins on October 24, 2012

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For me, I’ve grown tired of Twitter but am enjoying my time on Instagram, and I’m noticing more and more of my Facebook friends on Instagram too.

My chat with Amajjika has certainly reminded me of my responsibilities as a content author and provider. I have given myself a proverbial kick up the rear and promise that I’ll do better from now on.

There’s a new social network in town and it’s rustling up some interest in interesting places. Posse.com aims to tap into the power of personal networks to help bricks and mortar businesses become more successful. Founded by Rebekah Campbell, it is still in Alpha testing phase but is already garnering some interest amongst early adopters […]

Presentation on how businesses can best manage Facebook’s Timeline Technorati Tags: facebook, timeline, management, business, business communication, marketing, pr, engagement, lee hopkins

I’m joined by Jeremy Hague from Melbourne. Jeremy is part of the team behind the very successful Skylook software (Skype and Outlook integration) and now the excellent Vodburner (records Skype video calls). Technorati Tags: skylook, vodburner, jeremy hague, skype, recording software, business communication, lee hopkins

Mandy and Karen from the Adelaide store of Dymocks, the book people for discerning readers, let me in on why, how and when they got involved with social media.

I haven’t had so much fun driving in ages. Honestly. I love everything about this car (well, almost)… Review of the Holden Cruze Series II hatchback The stereo system is excellent, the handling is great, the ride is firm but not bone-shattering, the air-conditioning is up for Australia’s conditions… Sure, it doesn’t fit adults in […]

A great interview with Kevin, who spills the beans on what social media has done for the real estate group Raine & Horne in South Australia.

We were bribed with the opportunity to sit in the new Cruze Hatch, a locally-made and Australian-designed new car from the Holden stable

SHEL HOLTZ APPEARED in Sydney recently for a full-day workshop on the nexus of social media and PR