customer service

Questions to ask when building a social CRM strategy: How are we going to do social media? What do we want to focus on? What’s our personality? What are our rules of engagement?

CHIEFEXECUTIVE.NET have published a great read on why social software often fails to excite the C-suite and what can be done to get their support and encouragement of social initiatives within and throughout the organisation

here’s a brilliant video about a theatre in Austin, Texas, who threw a customer out for using their mobile phone in the-ay-ter

You can use the low-cost/high-touch tools of social media to service your customers and business leads, can’t you?!

Why do coffee shops in Australia fail in the most basic of customer service elements?

if you aren’t ensuring that every interaction you have with your audience is mobile-friendly then you will increasingly look old and irrelevant

A huge need to supply requested information to the social media team as soon as possible

There’s no guarantee that your friends will move to another service, is there? One to watch…

There you have it – FIR installed on your device, ready to go!