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A prominent study by Sun Microsystems showed two huge advantages for both mentors and mentees. Each were much more likely to receive promotions and raises than employees who did not participate in the mentorship program. Mentors actually received promotions and raises at a slightly higher percentage rate than mentees did! This is a valuable statistic to have at your disposal when talking to busy employees about giving up some of their time to become mentors.

Look around your office or workplace. You may not immediately notice, but for the first time ever, most workplaces have five generations of workers within. As noted in a recent leadership article from, prior years have seen three or four generations at a time, resulting in some differences in work behaviour. But now, with […]

Two of the best speakers in the world on corporate communications are over here in Australia for two one-day events. Book these in your diary:

SYDNEY MASTERCLASS: A half day with Steve and Cindy Crescenzo – 3 Oct 2012
Strategic Creative Communications full-day workshop with Steve and Cindy Crescenzo – 4 Oct 2012

I’ve been at the Ark Group’s conference on internal communications (today I run a workshop on the social business). Yesterday my IABC colleague Tracey Sen from NSW Department of Education and Communities gave a stirring talk about what she has instigated at DEC and what she sees as the ‘must now know’ requirements of a […]

I’m running a workshop on the 23rd, ‘The Social Business and You’, and am part of a panel on the 22nd discussing ‘Establishing and maintaining an internal communication protocol’.

To help avoid the most common mistakes, have a look at the list of top ten business communications mistakes below:

As communicators we need to step up and influence those above us that the seismic shift of communication that evangelists like myself and others keep trumpeting about is very real, very now and very important.

Nip on over to and get the inside skinny on the 12 essentials of internal communication for yourself.

CHIEFEXECUTIVE.NET have published a great read on why social software often fails to excite the C-suite and what can be done to get their support and encouragement of social initiatives within and throughout the organisation

THE IABC are running a live web seminar with my friend Shel Holtz. Topic? Mastering the latest tools in multimedia — and creating value-added experiences that work within your budget. No longer an extravagance, video and audio engagement is a must in the social economy. Social media expert Shel Holtz simplifies the concept of multimedia […]