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Watch Natascha’s group page to see each step of the Fnucky employment saga unfold

what happens when your ‘star’ is poached by a competitor and becomes their ‘star’?

Courtesy of a Jeremiah Owyang tweet comes an article from Valleywag on a digital witch hunt at one US car maker that went horrifically wrong. Tee hee.. Absolutely riveting reading (apologies for the metal fabrication pun) and a damn good laugh. Well, he always wanted to be a poster boy — now he is.

So rather than keep fracturing the conversation, please whip over to Laurel’s latest post on this all, “Australia: David Galbally Vs Social Media”

Marvel again at the ludicrousness of Galbally’s emotion-driven argument. Sheer and utter nonsense. The genie is out of the bottle, ol’ boy, and it ain’t going back in…

The most recent fiasco in the long-running saga of the trams in Adelaide (I won’t bore you with the details, save that they are too few and don’t seem to like rain) has brought me to the point of frustration. There seem to be two issues here: one of ‘Responsibility’ and one of ‘Authority’ (classic […]