second life & 3d virtual worlds

IT FEELS LIKE a lifetime ago that I was looking at and playing in Second Life. But for those wondering if Second Life still exists, it does; signups are still happening, although Linden Lab haven’t published ‘active residents’ data for a couple of years now. Here’s a chart of total signups, where you can see […]

still present, still very active, but no longer the focus of the mainstream media’s attention

A quick interview with ABC Local Radio Darwin in which I answer the question raised by the title of this post. Does Second Life still exist? Is anyone still using it? Who? Answers to these questions and more await ye… Technorati Tags: second life, local radio, abc, lee hopkins Play in new window | […]

Metaplace is closing, so is (it would seem) Forterra (laying off 60% of its staff is not a good sign).

The participants around the board room table viewed me with some skepticism. I was right, guys, wasn’t I :-)

I haven’t done anything (of note) on my research for over a year; I figure it high time I got down to business

We should not be trying to COMPETE with the Microsofts, Alcatel-Lucents, IBMs, Avayas and Ciscos of this world

what happens when your ‘star’ is poached by a competitor and becomes their ‘star’?

Can the ‘alts’ of Second Life and other virtual worlds be akin to ‘alters’, the various alternative states of DID and MPD?

This may make some squeamish, but one NZ academic is using Second Life as a way of teaching midwifery; a tip of the Akubra to NWN for the heads-up.