Where’s Lee?

by Lee Hopkins on August 23, 2017

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I am now the owner of My Video History, a video biography and memoir service for South Australians. Come join me there.

Chatwing has added some new functionality, including being mobile-friendly. Aaron from Chatwing tells us more. —– With the abundant numbers of widgets being made today, site owners have to be careful in choosing which one use and find out whether they’ll be efficient to the site or not since putting too many on your site […]

The rise of audio material

by Lee Hopkins on November 9, 2013

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Just bumped into this infographic about the rise of audio material on the internet. What grabbed me was the Slate stats bottom-right. Infographic brought to you by Crazy Egg Analytics     Posted with Blogsy

G’day Right now ‘Scarcity Samurai PRO’ is available for 50% OFF the retail price …But only for a few more hours… Grab your HALF OFF copy of Scarcity Samurai Here (before it’s too late) What Can Scarcity Samurai PRO Do For You? Scarcity Samurai is a powerful WordPress plugin (from the makers of my favourite […]

now face two challenging questions: How are these advances changing the business-consumer relationship? And, how should my business react to these shifts?

250 articles on business communication

by Lee Hopkins on November 5, 2012

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Read the full article yourself so that you can best evaluate the needs of your clients and working demands of your employees as well as high-level MDM features to determine the best program for your company. Adopt the right MDM suite for your company to optimize your performance and keep it current as this radical trend continues to pervade the workforce.

But how is it done? One important step is to snatch up social media accounts, particularly LinkedIn. In most cases, LinkedIn is the highest-ranking social network for an individual—so if you’ve got a LinkedIn page, it will very likely rank at or near the top of a Google search. Other social media accounts can also be helpful here.

The event was held to launch Optus’ ‘Future of Business’ report, the research and analysis for which was conducted by Deloitte Access Economics. The report is no small offering: the public face of it comprises two documents, ‘Research and Findings’ and ‘Analysis and Insights’. This is a heavy-duty piece of research.

Mohsin Ghafoor and Trinity Martin have written an excellent article on the Outlook site, the online journal of high-performance business. The journal has an iPad app, making reading easier. In the article, ‘Six ways social media technologies accelerate large-scale change’, they make some compelling arguments.

For many years marketers and sales people have been at slightly crossed purposes. Both groups have had the same aim—to sell more stuff—but sales people knew that to do that was a numbers game (knock on more doors, make more phone calls). Marketers, from their perspective, knew that the better the product, the closer the […]