MY FELLOW Adelaidians Sarah, Jason and Mal have just released their first podcast. Episode 001 of the Communication Junction is now available on iTunes and via their website, and a cracking first episode it is, too. They look at communication agencies from the perspective of clients and subtly ask if some Adelaide agencies are lying […]

What a great headline, huh?!! It’s also a finding from research Norton conducted1 into how Australians feel about their mobile phones (in particular, smartphones). The survey also found that 42 per cent of consumers in Australia have fallen victim to mobile phone loss or theft, yet only 41 per cent of Australian consumers have a […]

There’s a wealth of information that Frankie kindly shares, including that the Megan Washington advert (specifically shot for the campaign) generated over 10,000 ‘likes’ on Dell’s Facebook page.

Just came across this gem by accident and figured you NEED to watch it. Brilliant!   Technorati Tags: box hill, tafe, box hill tafe, australia, social media, social networking, 2010, stats, statistics, figures, facts, business communication, lee hopkins

I’ve just spent half an hour compiling some stats from Facebook’s advertising engine. I thought you may be interested to see what I found.

G’day or Hello–which is it? A campaign

by Lee Hopkins on January 17, 2011 · 3 comments

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Wouldn’t it be bonzer to drop one word into a communication that helps keep alive such a rich linguistic heritage? Good onya

Queensland floods – such sadness

by Lee Hopkins on January 11, 2011 · 1 comment

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My heart goes out to the victims of the Queensland floods. We are constantly reminded that this is a country of harsh and sometimes cruel beauty. Through bushfires, through droughts and now through floods, there is never a decade that does not bring grief and despair to a generation, as it brings sublime beauty to […]

Dragon Dictation for the iPad

by Lee Hopkins on November 8, 2010 · 1 comment

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Eagerly I skipped across to the iTunes store to download this free app

Dell FINALLY releases the Streak in Australia

by Lee Hopkins on September 24, 2010 · 2 comments

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But you’d still have to prise it from my cold, dead fingers

Today is World Suicide Day

by Lee Hopkins on September 10, 2010

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In Australia our annual toll of deaths by suicide is greater than the number of deaths on our roads, yet we only hear about the road toll