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customer service

Social networks: the next phase

by Lee Hopkins on April 1, 2008 · 5 comments

in marketing

Socially useful sites — ‘what I think about something’ — is the next phase of evolution for social networks, who are mostly currently at the ‘who I am as a person’. Tying in nicely with my report this week for FIR comes an article from the Beeb about the next development in social networks. Already […]

My mate Gerry McCusker has let us know that even Social Media experts are not too other-worldly as to be excused when they make a ‘stuff up’. Gerry is getting the good ol’ Aussie “irrits” (rhyming slang for “sh!ts”) with Elizabeth Albrycht‘s newcommreview, pointing out that a comment he popped up in response to a […]

It’s out now, folks! [updated: links now work — oops!] Trevor Cook and I have slaved away in an entirely slavish fashion to produce the all-new, all-singing Third Edition of our runaway best seller. (pssst… it’s free) In this year’s Edition every chapter has either been written from scratch or ferociously updated: Introduction Australian organisations: […]

G’day! I’m very proud to announce the birth of my newsletter, better Social Media communication results. And to celebrate, as a special offer for the readers of my blog, I offer it to you at over 50% off each issue! The ‘regular’ price of the newsletter is AUD$24.95, but for my friends and blog subscribers, […]

Thanks, Joe! Thanks, Gerry!

by Lee Hopkins on February 22, 2008 · 8 comments

in marketing

I’ve just finished a great chat with Joe Jaffe, CEO and Chief Interrupter over at crayon. We discussed Social Media and its strategic implications for businesses, and as could be expected from us, we both became increasingly passionate about how and why companies should consider this new online conversation pit and add it to their […]

 “The place behind the old church in Puteaux, along the quai de Seine (Quai de Dion Bouton), has been beautifully restored and all the facades of buildings that overlook the square was painted in trompe l’oeil. Order at the moment the place is not open to the public, which is a great pity. It is […]

Self-PR 101: How NOT to approach someone for help

by Lee Hopkins on February 14, 2008 · 11 comments

in marketing

I received this request from someone working at a company in a foreign country. That’s about as much information as I’m going to give away as to their identity, but see if you can spot the reasons why I might not spend as much time helping them out as I otherwise might have… I am […]

Fresh news for business communicators

by Lee Hopkins on February 12, 2008 · 2 comments

in Uncategorized

Got an email yesterday from Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications, alerting me pre-launch to a great initiative of his. You can now pop a widget on your blog or main website that pulls in the latest stories from the various Ragan web properties. As Mark explains, it is a way of getting some of […]

Steganos Secure Traveler still not working

by Lee Hopkins on January 15, 2008

in Uncategorized

The regular reader of this blog will remember that late last year (just after my birthday, in fact) I purchased a copy of Steganos Secure Traveler, excited as I was by the prospect of being able to seamlessly integrate passwords between browser, pc and pda. At the beginning of this year, exactly one month after […]

New articles on business communication

by Lee Hopkins on January 15, 2008

in Uncategorized

Courtesy of Carol Kinsey Goman and Philip Yaffe comes a bunch of new articles: 171. The power of optimism by Carol Kinsey Goman 170. Yaffe’s Law vs. Murphy’s Law by Philip Yaffe 169. Laugh your way to persuasive communication by Philip Yaffe 168. Techniques of persuasive communication by Philip Yaffe 167. Counterbalance by Carol Kinsey […]