There’s a fabulous discussion and dissection of the ‘Komen for the Cure’ PR debacle over at FIR. Shel Holtz, Neville Hobson and Dan York give their views on the kerfuffle.

Back only a few short years ago—say, a decade—if your company became the focus of attention for the wrong reasons you had plenty of time to prepare a response. You could compose your media releases, prep your CEO and organise your mainstream media response. That was then. This is now. Today the social world spreads […]

FIR listener survey: please complete it

by Lee Hopkins on September 7, 2011

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THE BEST PODCAST for PR/business communicators is, without any doubt, For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report. Many have attempted imitation, none have survived. It remains, after six years, THE must-listen podcast for we communicators. Every couple of years Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz run a listener survey, to gauge their audience’s satisfaction or […]

What do you take with you when on the road, or even just attending a conference?

There you have it – FIR installed on your device, ready to go!

My report for FIR #314

by Lee Hopkins on January 29, 2008

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And in this week’s report: On a new portable digital recorder for podcasters, Dave Fleet’s Social Media Training wiki and the REAL meaning of ‘Twitter’ (and a tip of the fez to Luke Armour for uncovering a cracker of a Twitter profile) All in all, five minutes and 16 seconds of audio enlightenment [4.3mb]. Download […]

My report for FIR #310

by Lee Hopkins on January 15, 2008 · 4 comments

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And in this week’s report: On Janitor2.0, testing an online business building system, and fear and anger as keys to persuasion. All in all, four minutes and 27 seconds of audio enlightenment [4.3mb]. Download now, or subscribe to my podcast feed to receive each and every report at around the same time as the report […]

FIR reports 302, 304, 306 & 308

by Lee Hopkins on January 7, 2008

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Ooops! I’ve been slack in posting my FIR reports. To rectify that here’s the last four, including the one you won’t hear on FIR until it gets posted tomorrow, Australian time! 302 I remind us all that just because Shel and Neville haven’t said much about Second Life lately doesn’t mean that nothing is happening […]

My report for FIR #296

by Lee Hopkins on November 29, 2007

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And in this week’s report: the election is over — now what will happen about Australia’s atrocious broadband? Australian financial institutions not ready for Web2.0, but realise that consumers are demanding it Australian Federal Police (AFP) acknowledge their lack of skills within virtual worlds, so will set up island in SL and recruit savvy teens […]

My report for FIR #294

by Lee Hopkins on November 21, 2007

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‘Professor’ Hopkins rises from his deathbed to encourage Australian corporations to follow in the footsteps of ABC (that’s the Australian Broadcast Corporation, to you Yanks) and Telstra and venture into social media, and to welcome the reappearance of Meryl David—a reminder that blogs can be a good way to stay in touch with friends and […]