It’s an old post, but I recently came across Mark Traphagen’s post about Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s controversial comments on Google and verified online profiles. Says Schmidt: “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the […]

Google is changing the way you attract organic visitors

by Lee Hopkins on November 5, 2013

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Guest post by Joy Kennelly Google is once again changing the game for webmasters hoping to tailor their search engine optimization efforts. On September 23, Google made all searches secure, encrypting data that webmasters previously used to track organic search data. Google first introduced this extra layer of user security in 2011, when Google Webspam […]

Over 10 percent of web traffic already comes from mobile devices and as devices become cheaper, more versatile, and data rates continue to fall, that number will continue to grow dramatically. If you want to reach these customers, you better have a website capable of being seen on most of these devices.

Just wanted to remind you that that this is your LAST CHANCE to claim your Warrior Forum Special Offer "50% HALF PRICE Discount" on Market Samurai — along with your exclusive Rank Tracker BONUSES! (worth up to $270 per year). Market Samurai is the software I use to keep me at the top of Google […]

But how is it done? One important step is to snatch up social media accounts, particularly LinkedIn. In most cases, LinkedIn is the highest-ranking social network for an individual—so if you’ve got a LinkedIn page, it will very likely rank at or near the top of a Google search. Other social media accounts can also be helpful here.

10 complimentary white papers from Hubspot

by Lee Hopkins on March 23, 2012

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Those very nice folks over at Hubspot are giving away some excellent white papers. Says Mike Crosson, Here are 10 free White Papers that are really helpful. 1.) Pinterest – Learn how to increase traffic, leads and sales by reaching more than 11 million people The fastest-growing social media site ever has become a […]

How to nuke spam comments on Google Plus

by Lee Hopkins on February 1, 2012

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I’m seeing more and more spam comments on my Google+ posts, so stumbling across this Chrome extension today was a Godsend

Guest post by Cashier Live As a small business owner, you know you need to be on Facebook. Right now, one out of 13 people in the world are on Facebook. It only makes sense to show up where your customers hang out. However, where else should you turn your online marketing attention? Google + […]

Social media is all about interaction with others. Communication is key, and you must make an effort to communicate with your website’s visitors and your social media circles

Google+ Pages

by Lee Hopkins on November 9, 2011 · 4 comments

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It’s Day Two of the landgrab rush on Google Plus. Companies are finally allowed to go in and build their spaces, no doubt replicating what they already have on Facebook. I set up my own page on Google+ (as I did on Facebook) as a way of testing how it all works for businesses. Michelle […]