BCR055: Dinner with Adrian Cropley

by Lee Hopkins on November 29, 2009

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fabulous dinner recently with self and the equally fabulous Adrian Cropley

Yes, those two intrepid curmudgeons, Jenkins and Hopkins, are back at the CommsCafe.

a customer service person rang me to say that they “weren’t allowed to view blogs in case they were inappropriate!”

Bryan decided to interview Donna about podcasting for his daily audio show, the Daily Boo. I decided to stick my marvellous new easi-speak microphone in between the two of them and capture what they said.

Day 04 of the Grumpy Old Men Tour

by Lee Hopkins on June 10, 2009

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Here’s day 4 of the Grumpy Old Men Tour; the final day wrap-up will be posted shortly, once we finalise some important web addresses…

IABC World Conference: getting closer

by Lee Hopkins on April 23, 2009 · 2 comments

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The line-up of stars at this year’s IABC World Conference is starting to really excite me. And it’s all less than six weeks away – bring it on!!!

Courtesy of my good friend and definitely fine fellow Alex Manchester comes word that Melcrum have released their latest report

My colleague, mentor and hero @Shel Holtz points to three resources

The promoters are in it for a profit – it is a ‘game’ for them to see who they can get for ‘free’ so that they can maximise that profit. You want me (because it adds value to your conference), you pay for me. Simple as that.

Technological challenges

by Lee Hopkins on May 3, 2005

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The start of the new project, and I waste the first half of the first day getting my net access sorted and Office software to work. {sigh} Got that done by just after lunchtime, so then two hours to play with MyComms, then off to a meeting for the rest of the day, a meeting […]